If you are reading this, it means that you have already downloaded .NetGrid and installed it to your computer. Maybe you are looking for replacement to existing components that don’t suit you for some reasons, or may be you are just starting a new project and looking for the best component for you. We thank you for trying our software. Here are the main reasons why our software is a better choice:

  • Our components have the best performance on the market. Unlike our competitors, we publish objective performance results that enable most efficient use of our components. It is very important because they enable evaluation of overall application performance and limitations on early stages of development and not in the end of the project when it is hard to fix anything.
  • Our components have a lot of functions, some of which are available only in our components, e.g. real-time regrouping, filtering, highlighting, sorting and composite objects support. We try to implement basic routines to help our customers concentrate on project development and not on implementation details. For example, our components can highlight cells for a specified time interval using Cell.Highlight() method. The grid manages all required timers and data storage more efficiently than a programmer can.
  • We offer one of the most convenient and efficient development APIs. When we develop our components, we always think of their future use. We try to avoid ambiguous component behavior when modification of some settings may cause unexpected results in other areas.
  • Our components are the only components that support thread-safe event-driven model that significantly simplifies application structure and clearly abstracts the level of data that should not depend on presentation of this data in graphical components. Business model of data is separated from presentation not only by project decomposition but also from multi-threading point of view. It means that in an event-driven model the grid can process business object messages coming from any thread.
  • We offer not just convenient and high-performing components, but also integrated debugging tools that can be used to debug applications without stopping execution on breakpoints, to inspect data objects in real time, to modify data object values and to navigate business logic of the project.
  • We try to generate a reasonable amount of code in the designer and to serialize it in InitialComponent() function. Otherwise, on later stages of the project this function can become very bulky making the code unreadable and hard to understand. It may also cause incorrect display of components in designer and even crush the IDE.
  • We constantly test main functionality of our components and their operating algorithms using automated NUnit tests. We have already developed over 370 such tests that reduce the probability of unpleasant surprises in new product versions.
  • We provide support to our users. We answer your questions and do our best to solve any issues as fast as possible.
  • We are a team of professionals who know their work well and really love it!