The BoolEditor type exposes the following members.


Public methodEditCell
Edits the cell.
(Inherited from UITypeEditorEx.)
Public methodEditValue
Edits the specified object's value using the editor style indicated by the GetEditStyle()()()() method.
(Inherited from DropDownEditor.)
Public methodEndEdit
Is called when the end used selected the item in the list box.
(Overrides DropDownEditor..::..EndEdit(ListBox, Object).)
Public methodGetEditStyle
Gets the editor style used by the EditValue(IServiceProvider, Object) method.
(Inherited from DropDownEditor.)
Public methodGetPaintCellSupported
Gets a value, indicating whether this editor supports Cell painting.
(Overrides UITypeEditorEx..::..GetPaintCellSupported()()()().)
Public methodPaintCell
Paints the cell.
(Overrides UITypeEditorEx..::..PaintCell(PaintCellEventArgs).)
Public methodPopulate
Is called to populate the list box.
(Overrides DropDownEditor..::..Populate(ListBox, Object, ContentAlignment%).)

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