The Grid type exposes the following members.


Public methodBeginInit
Signals the object that initialization is starting.
Public methodBeginUpdate
Prevents the grid control from being updated until the EndUpdate()()()() method is called.
Protected methodDispose
Clean up any resources being used.
(Overrides Control..::..Dispose(Boolean).)
Public methodEndInit
Signals the object that initialization is complete.
Public methodEndUpdate
Unlocks the grid after the BeginUpdate()()()() method call and causes an immediate update of the vertical scroll bar.
Public methodFilterRefresh
Forces the Grid re-check all Rows for filtering. Usually called when the filter conditions in IFilter interface changed.
Public methodHitTest
Gets elements by their location inside the grid.
Protected methodIsInputKey
Determines whether the specified key is a regular input key or a special key that requires preprocessing.
(Overrides Control..::..IsInputKey(Keys).)
Protected methodOnAppearanceChanged
Called when the Appearance is changed.
Protected methodOnCellAppearanceChanged
Called when the Cell's appearance is changed.
Protected methodOnCellBeginEdit
Called when the user starts edit a Cell.
Protected methodOnCellClicked
Called when the end-user has clicked on the Cell.
Protected methodOnCellClicking
Called when the end-user clicking on the Cell.
Protected methodOnCellEditor
Called when the Grid needs to know whether the Cell is editable.
Protected methodOnCellEndEdit
Called when finishes edit a Cell.
Protected methodOnCellEnter
Called when the mouse pointer enters the Cell.
Protected methodOnCellFormatChanged
Called when the Cell's IFormat is changed.
Protected methodOnCellImageChanged
Called when the Cell's image is changed.
Protected methodOnCellLeave
Called when the mouse pointer leaves the Cell.
Protected methodOnColumnAdded
Called when a new Column is added to the Header.
Protected methodOnColumnAppearanceChanged
Called when the Column's appearance is changed.
Protected methodOnColumnMoved
Called when a Column has been moved.
Protected methodOnColumnMoving
Called when a Column is moving.
Protected methodOnColumnRemoved
Called when a Column has been removed from the Grid.
Protected methodOnColumnRemoving
Called when a Column is removing from the Grid.
Protected methodOnColumnVisibilityChanged
Called when a Column becomes visible or invisible.
Protected methodOnColumnWidthChanged
Called when the Column's width is changed.
Protected methodOnDragBegin
Raises the DragBegin event.
Protected methodOnDragDrop
Raises the DragDrop event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnDragDrop(DragEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnDragDropContent
Raises the DragDropContent event.
Protected methodOnDragEnd
Raises the DragEnd event.
Protected methodOnDragEnter
Raises the DragEnter event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnDragEnter(DragEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnDragEnterContent
Raises the DragEnterContent event.
Protected methodOnDragLeave
Raises the DragLeave event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnDragLeave(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnDragOver
Raises the DragOver event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnDragOver(DragEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnDragOverContent
Raises the DragOverContent event.
Protected methodOnFilterUpdated
Protected methodOnFilterUpdating
Protected methodOnFocusedColumnChanged
Called when the focused column is changed.
Protected methodOnGroupingChanged
Called when Columns are regrouped in the Header.
Protected methodOnHandleCreated
Raises the HandleCreated event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnHandleCreated(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnHandleDestroyed
Raises the HandleDestroyed event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnHandleDestroyed(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnHeaderAdded
Called when a header is added to the Grid.
Protected methodOnHeaderHeightChanged
Called when the Header's height is changed.
Protected methodOnHeaderRemoved
Called when a header has been removed from the Grid.
Protected methodOnHeaderRemoving
Called when a header is removing from the Grid.
Protected methodOnHeaderVisibilityChanged
Called when the Header becomes visible or invisible.
Protected methodOnKeyDown
Raises the KeyDown event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnLassoSelection
Raises the LassoSelection event.
Protected methodOnLassoSelectionBegin
Raises the LassoSelectionBegin event.
Protected methodOnLassoSelectionEnd
Raises the LassoSelectionEnd event.
Protected methodOnLocationChanged
Raises the LocationChanged event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnLocationChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMeasureCellWidth
Raises the MeasureCellWidth event.
Protected methodOnMouseDoubleClick
Raises the MouseDoubleClick event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnMouseDoubleClick(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseDown
Raises the MouseDown event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnMouseDown(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseLeave
Raises the MouseLeave event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnMouseLeave(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseMove
Raises the MouseMove event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseUp
Raises the MouseUp event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseWheel
Raises the MouseWheel event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnNextEditableCell
Raises the NextEditableCell event.
Protected methodOnPaint
Raises the Paint event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnPaint(PaintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPaintBackground
Called when the background of the Grid should be painted.
(Overrides Control..::..OnPaintBackground(PaintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPaintCell
Called to repaint the the Cell.
Protected methodOnPaintColumnCaption
Called to repaint the the Column caption.
Protected methodOnPaintColumnPanel
Called to repaint the the column panel.
Protected methodOnPaintGroupPanel
Called to repaint the the group panel.
Protected methodOnPaintGroupRow
Called to repaint the the group Row.
Protected methodOnPaintHierarchy
Called to repaint the the hierarchical lines and expansion (+/-) buttons.
Protected methodOnPaintMergedColumn
Raises the PaintMergedColumn event.
Protected methodOnPaintRectangle
Called when some bounds in the client area of the Grid should be painted.
Protected methodOnPaintRow
Called to repaint the the Row.
Protected methodOnParentChanged
Raises the ParentChanged event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnParentChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnParentRightToLeftChanged
Raises the RightToLeftChanged event when the RightToLeft property value of the control's container changes.
(Overrides Control..::..OnParentRightToLeftChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnParentVisibleChanged
Raises the VisibleChanged event when the Visible property value of the control's container changes.
(Overrides Control..::..OnParentVisibleChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPrevEditableCell
Raises the PrevEditableCell event.
Protected methodOnPrintPage
Raises the [E:PrintPage] event.
Protected methodOnResize
Raises the Resize event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnResize(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnRightToLeftChanged
Raises the RightToLeftChanged event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnRightToLeftChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnRowAdded
Called when a new Row is added to the grid.
Protected methodOnRowAdding
Called when a new row is adding.
Protected methodOnRowAppearanceChanged
Called when the Row's appearance is changed.
Protected methodOnRowExpansionChanged
Called when a Row is expanded or collapsed.
Protected methodOnRowExpansionChanging
Called when a Row is expanding or collapsing.
Protected methodOnRowHeightChanged
Called when the Row's height is changed.
Protected methodOnRowMoved
Called when a Row is moved.
Protected methodOnRowRemoved
Called after the Row has been removed from the Grid.
Protected methodOnRowRemoving
Called when a Row is removing from the Grid.
Protected methodOnRowUpdated
Called when a IDataField of Row is updated.
Protected methodOnRowVisibilityChanged
Called when a Row becomes visible or invisible.
Protected methodOnSelectionChanged
Called when the Row's selection is changed.
Protected methodOnSelectionChanging
Called before the Row's selection is changed.
Protected methodOnSortChanged
Called when a sort in the Grid is changed.
Protected methodOnValidateCell
Raises the ValidateCell event.
Protected methodOnVisibleChanged
Raises the VisibleChanged event.
(Overrides Control..::..OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs).)
Public methodStopEdit
Stops cell editing
Protected methodWndProc
Processes Windows messages.
(Overrides Control..::..WndProc(Message%).)

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