The IDataField type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBindable
Gets a value indicating whether this IDataField is bindable.
Public propertyBrowsable
Gets a value indicating whether this IDataField is browsable in property-like grids.
Public propertyDataAccessor
Gets the accessor to the data object.
Public propertyDescription
Gets description of the property. Usually the full user-friendly description or explanation of the property.
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets user-friendly name, the property is displayed with. Usually is has a short form to display in columns.
Public propertyEditor
Gets the editor to edit values of this IDataField at design or run time.
Public propertyFieldType
Gets the type of the field.
Public propertyFormat
Gets a format to transform the value, returned by the Value property to a string and vice-versa. If the format successfully parses the string, the resulting value will be passed to the Value method.
Public propertyId
Gets a string identifier of the data field. This identifier must be unique across the IDataAccessor.
Public propertyIndex
Gets an index of the property.
Public propertyIsComposite
Gets a value indicating whether this data filed is composite.
Public propertyIsHierarchical
Gets a value indicating whether an object or a collection of objects returned by the field should be added to the grid as children of the current data object
Public propertyReadonly
Gets a value indicating whether this IDataField is readonly.
Public propertyValue
Gets or sets the value of this IDataField.

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