The Grid type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAppearance
Gets appearances and visual styles, defined for the current instance of the Grid.
Public propertyBackColor
Gets or sets the background color for the control.
(Overrides Control..::..BackColor.)
Public propertyCustomSort
Gets or sets an implementation of ICustomSort interface to customize Row ordering or sorting.
Public propertyDataConnection
Gets the data source properties.
Public propertyDataMember
Gets or sets the name of the list or table in the data source for which the Grid is displaying data.
Public propertyDataObjects
Provides a reverse search of Rows by data objects, already inserted to the Grid.
Public propertyDataSource
Gets or sets the data source that the Grid is displaying data for.
Public propertyDataSourceRows
Gets a collection of Row that contain the data bound to the grid via Grid.DataSource property.
Protected propertyDefaultSize
Gets the default size of the control.
(Overrides Control..::..DefaultSize.)
Public propertyDragAndDrop
Gets the drag and drop settings.
Public propertyEditInPlace
Gets the edit in place settings.
Public propertyFilter
Sets and gets a new filter interface.
Public propertyFocusedRow
Gets the focused row in the Grid.
Public propertyFocusSettings
Gets the focus settings of the Grid such as the focus mode, color, painting mode, etc...
Public propertyHeaderContextMenu
Gets a context menu control that is displayed when the user tries to configure header columns.
Public propertyHeaders
Gets a collection of Headers.
Public propertyHierarchy
Gets the hierarchy settings.
Public propertyHighlighting
Gets the highlighting settings, such as the highlight interval, color, mode, fading effect parameters...
Public propertyHitTests
Gets elements by their location inside the grid.
Public propertyIsOptimizedDrawing
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the grid optimizes the drawing.
Public propertyNavigation
Specifies the navigation in the Grid.
Public propertyNodes
Gets a collection of both visible and invisible rows at the top hierarchy level
Public propertyPrintDocument
Print document
Public propertyPrintSettings
Print settings
Public propertyRender
Gets or sets IRender to perform basic painting operations.
Public propertyRows
Gets a collection of all visible Rows.
Public propertyRowSelector
Gets the settings of a row selector (visual element on the left side of the Grid, which permits to manipulate the Rows, change their height, select them, show related images, etc.).
Public propertyScrollManager
Gets the scroll manager.
Public propertySelection
Gets a collection of selected Rows.
Public propertySerializationState
Gets or sets grid serialization state (headers, column width, colors, etc...).
Public propertySort
Gets the sort settings of the Grid. Allows or disables the sort and multiple sort, indicates how much sorted columns the Grid supports.
Public propertyTheme
Gets or sets the theme.
Public propertyThreadsafety
Gets the threadsafety parameters of the Grid.
Public propertyTooltips
Gets tooltip settings.

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