The PaintColumnCaptionEventArgs type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAppearance
Gets the appearance of the Column (Colors, gradient...).
Public propertyClipBounds
A Rectangle that represents the area of the Grid that needs to be repainted.
Public propertyColumn
Gets the Column.
Public propertyFont
Gets or sets the Font to draw the text.
Public propertyGraphics
Gets the graphics.
Public propertyGrid
Gets the Grid.
Public propertyHandled
Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the event handler has completely handled the event or whether the Grid should continue its own processing.
Public propertyHeader
Gets the Header.
Public propertyImage
Gets an Image to be painted in Column.
Public propertyImageSettings
Gets the image settings (padding, alignment, stretching...).
Public propertyParts
Gets or sets the parts of header's caption that are to be painted.
Public propertyRender
Gets or sets the render that performs basic painting operations
Public propertyText
Gets a text to be painted in Column.
Public propertyTextAlignment
Gets or sets the text alignment.
Public propertyTextSettings
Gets the text settings (padding, text orientation, wrapping, trimming, etc...).
Public propertyVirtualBounds
Gets the virtual bounds of the Column.
Public propertyVisibleBounds
Gets the visible bounds of the Column.

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