The ToolTip..::..TooltipPopupEventArgs type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAssociatedControl
Gets the control for which the ToolTip is being drawn.
Public propertyBackColor
Gets or sets the background color of the ToolTip.
Public propertyCustomControl
Gets or sets the custom control to be shown inside of the ToolTip.
Public propertyForeColor
Gets or sets the foreground color of the ToolTip.
Public propertyLocation
Gets or sets the location where the ToolTip should be shown.
Public propertyOrientation
Gets or sets the orientation of the ToolTip relative to the Location.
Public propertyText
Gets or sets the text to be displayed if CustomControl is not set.
Public propertyTitleText
Gets or sets the text of the title.
Public propertyTooltipSize
Gets or sets the size of the tooltip.

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