A control that implements .Net Inspector tool for application debugging.

Namespace: Dapfor.Net.Diagnostics
Assembly: Dapfor.Net (in Dapfor.Net.dll) Version: (


public class Inspector : UserControl
Visual Basic
Public Class Inspector
	Inherits UserControl
Visual C++
public ref class Inspector : public UserControl
type Inspector =  
        inherit UserControl


.Net Inspector is a powerful and thread-safe tool for applications debugging. It can be used to inspect business logic level of an application in real-time mode and to alter various application parameters. It's a common practice in software development to put break points in certain lines of code to view and alter values of certain variables in the IDE. When a developer inspects values through the IDE, the application is suspended. It is convenient for debugging simple applications. But if your application has lots of threads and timers, the debugging process becomes a really challenging task.

.Net Inspector is an additional tool among already existing debugging facilities. Besides displaying values of variables for different objects, .Net Inspector also enables a developer to edit these values via built-in editors at the application run-time. Moreover, a developer can inspect other objects reffered by the inspected object. In other words, a programmer can view the whole business layer logic of the application from the inside.

Together with the logging system, .Net Inspector provides a perfect opportunity to dramatically reduce application debugging time and to conceive the way of the application works.

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