Gets element type by its location in GridControl.

Namespace: Dapfor.Wpf.Controls
Assembly: Dapfor.Wpf (in Dapfor.Wpf.dll) Version: (


public HitTestInfo HitTest(
	Point pt
Visual Basic
Public Function HitTest ( 
	pt As Point
) As HitTestInfo
Visual C++
HitTestInfo HitTest(
	Point pt
member HitTest : 
        pt : Point -> HitTestInfo 


Type: System.Windows..::..Point
Location in the grid.

Return Value

Type: HitTestInfo
HitTestInfo value.


The grid has a convenient system of getting elements by their location inside the grid. This is done with GridControl.HitTest() method that returns type of element in specified position. To get the element itself you can use one of GridControl.HitTests methods that return element pointers. We tried to create an API to avoid unnecessary type casting. An example of its use is provided below.
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public void HitTestExample(GridControl grid)
    //Get the current cursor position
    Point position = Mouse.GetPosition(grid);

    //Get a part of the grid, the cursor points to.
    HitTestInfo info = grid.HitTest(position);

    //Try get a header, the cursor points to.
    Header header = grid.HitTests.HeaderTest(position);

    //Try get a row, the cursor points to.
    Row row = grid.HitTests.RowTest(position);

    //Try get a cell, the cursor points to.
    Cell cell = grid.HitTests.CellTest(position);

    //Try get a column, the cursor points to.
    Column column = grid.HitTests.ColumnTest(position);

    //Do something...

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