The IDataField type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBindable
Gets a value indicating whether this IDataField is bindable.
Public propertyBrowsable
Gets a value indicating whether this IDataField is browsable in property-like grids.
Public propertyDataAccessor
Gets the accessor to the data object.
Public propertyDescription
Gets description of the property. Usually the full user-friendly description or explanation of the property.
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets user-friendly name, the property is displayed with. Usually is has a short form to display in columns.
Public propertyFieldType
Gets the type of the field.
Public propertyId
Gets a string identifier of the data field. This identifier must be unique across the IDataAccessor.
Public propertyIndex
Gets an index of the property.
Public propertyIsComposite
Gets a value indicating whether this data filed is composite.
Public propertyIsHierarchical
Gets a value indicating whether an object or a collection of objects returned by the field should be added to the grid as children of the current data object
Public propertyReadonly
Gets a value indicating whether this IDataField is readonly.
Public propertyValue
Gets or sets the value of this IDataField.
Public propertyValueConverter
Gets a converter to transform the value, returned by the Value property to a string and vice-versa. If the converter successfully parses the string, the resulting value will be passed to the Value method.

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