You can select single or multiple rows in the grid with Row.Selected property and Grid.Selection.Enabled / Grid.Selection.MultipleEnabled property. All selected lines are added to Grid.Selection that supports iteration. To unselect all rows, call Grid.Selection.Clear() method. Please see an example of working with selection below.

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public void ExampleSelection(Grid grid)
    //Set a new color for the selected rows which will be blended with the backgroung color of those rows
    //The grid also supports the alpha-channel. 255 - opaque, 0 - transparent
    grid.Selection.Color = Color.FromArgb(80, 102, 36, 10);

    //Allow selection in the grid
    grid.Selection.Enabled = true;

    //Allow multiple selection in the grid
    grid.Selection.MultipleEnabled = true;

    //Ask the grid to sort selected rows
    grid.Selection.Sorted = true;

    //Select the 5th row
    grid.Rows[5].Selected = true;

    //Enumerate the selected rows...
    foreach (Row row in grid.Selection)
        //Do something here...

    //Clear the selection

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