Grid navigation settings and methods to handle user input such as KeyUp, KeyDows etc.

Namespace: Dapfor.Net.Ui
Assembly: Dapfor.Net (in Dapfor.Net.dll) Version: (


public sealed class GridNavigarion
Visual Basic
Public NotInheritable Class GridNavigarion
Visual C++
public ref class GridNavigarion sealed
type GridNavigarion =  class end


Shows how to navigate programmatically in the Grid
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public void ExampleNavigation(Grid grid)
    //If the user presses the left arrow, the grid will move the focus to the first visible row 
    //on the same hierarchical level
    grid.Navigation.JumpToFirstChildOnKeyLeft = true;

    //If the user presses the right arrow, the grid will move the focus to the last visible row 
    //on the same hierarchical level
    grid.Navigation.JumpToLastChildOnKeyRight = true;

    //The grid can move the focus between different hierarchical levels 
    //when the user presses key up or key down
    grid.Navigation.KeepLevelOnKeyUpDown = true;

    //Move the focus to the previous row and ensure it visible

    //Move the focus to the end and ensure the focused row visible

    //Subscribe for events
    grid.FocusedRowChanged += OnFocusedRowChanged;

void OnFocusedRowChanged(object sender, FocusedRowEventArgs e)
    //Your code...

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