Specifies the parts of UI element that are to be painted.

Namespace: Dapfor.Net.Ui
Assembly: Dapfor.Net (in Dapfor.Net.dll) Version: (


public enum PaintPart
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration PaintPart
Visual C++
public enum class PaintPart
type PaintPart


Member nameValueDescription
Empty0 Nothing to paint
Background1 Background
Borders2 Borders around the UI element
SortIcon4 Sort icon on the column's caption
Image8 Icon in the Column or in the Cell
Text16 Text of the UI element.
ColumnCaptions32 Column caption.
ColumnSeparator64 Separator between column captions.
HierarchicalLines256 Hierarchical lines between row selector and the first cell.
HierarchicalLinesBackground512 Background of hierarchical lines between row selector and the first cell.
SpaceBeforeFirstColumn1024 Empty space before of the first Column.
SpaceAfterLastColumn2048 Empty space after the last Column.
ExpansionButton4096 Expansion (+/-) button.
Focus8192 Frame around focused Row or Cell.
Selection16384 Frame around selected Rows.
RowSelector32768 Row selector
RowSelectorImages65536 Row selector images
Editor131072 Cell editor
EditorValue262144 value, if UITypeEditor supports value painting
Highlighting524288 Cell highlighting
TooltipMessage1048576 Tooltip icon in cell
TooltipCellFrame2097152 A frame around cell if it has tooltip message
VerticalLines4194304 Vertical lines between cells
HorizontalLines8388608 Horizontal lines between cells
Filter16777216 Filter icon in column
All20840319 Paints all parts of the UI element

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