A cache that keep a value returned from data object property.

Namespace: Dapfor.Wpf.Data
Assembly: Dapfor.Wpf (in Dapfor.Wpf.dll) Version: (


public interface IGetAccelerator
Visual Basic
Public Interface IGetAccelerator
Visual C++
public interface class IGetAccelerator
type IGetAccelerator =  interface end


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public class TestClass : IGetAccelerator
    private int intValue;
    private double doubleValue;

    //Some property that returns int value
    public int IntValue
        get { return intValue; }
        set { intValue = value; }

    public double DoubleValue
        get { return doubleValue; }
        set { doubleValue = value; }

    //IGetAccelerator implementation.
    public IGetter GetGetter(IDataField field)
        switch (field.Id)
            //This implementation returns a delegate that calls IntValue property
            case "IntValue": 
                return new Getter<int>(delegate { return IntValue; });

            //This implementation creates a new object of the ValueGetter type which keeps a value, returned by the DoubleValue property call
            case "DoubleValue": 
                return new ValueGetter(DoubleValue);
        return null;

//Demonstrates how the data object can be added to the grid
public void HowToUseExample(GridControl grid)
    grid.Rows.Add(new TestClass());

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