Licenses needed for compilation and software operation are required only for computers of developers that are used for final product compilation. In distribution of final product it is sufficient to copy the Dapfor.Net.dll assembly to final package. Installation of Dapfor’s products or licenses to end user computers is not required.

If an assembly using Dapfor’s software is a part of another application, Dapfor.Net.dll assembly may also be a part of distributed package and can be copied without installation of licenses or Dapfor’s software to end user computers.

Dapfor doesn’t limit the number of computers for distribution of end product or time of use of this product.

Dapfor doesn’t charge royalty fees for application distribution.

Deployment methods

An application that uses Dapfor .NET Grid can be deployed in one of following ways:

  1. The Dapfor.Net.dll assembly can be installed into the GAC (global assembly cache).
  2. The Dapfor.Net.dll assembly can be added to the application package.
  3. Licensed users can also incorporate Dapfor's software into the application with the ILMerge utility. The lastest version of ILMerge can be downloaded from Microsoft website.

    The following example shows how to generate a single executable from two assemblies - MyApplication.exe and Dapfor.Net.dll

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    ILMerge.exe /target:winexe /ndebug /out:MyApplicationInSingleFile.exe MyApplication.exe Dapfor.Net.dll

Assembly location

All assemblies required to distribute an application are located in [Program Files]\Dapfor\NetSuite_[version]\Bin folder.

License installation

Please read the following to install and compile a license for Dapfor's software.

License agreement

Before using Dapfor's software, please carefully read terms and conditions of the License Agreement.