The Dapfor .Net Grid is a licensed component using Microsoft standard licensing model. The following should be done to compile license for Dapfor's software:

  • Create a license.licx text file within the project that uses Dapfor’s software. This file is usually created automatically when an Dapfor.Net.dll assembly is added or when a licensed control is used in designer. It can also exist if licensed components of other vendors are used. Sometimes Microsoft Visual Studio doesn’t display this file. To display this file, it it necessary to disable the filter with 'Show All files' button.

  • license.licx is a text file that contains the list of licensed components that should be compiled by license compiler (lc.exe). Every line in this file corresponds to a licensed component and includes its name, assembly, version, culture and PublicKeyToken. Version, culture and PublicKeyToken are optional parameters that can be omitted (we recommend using only component name and assembly name to ensure compatibility with future software versions).

  • License compiler verifies components for presence of license (purchased from Dapfor or a trial license used for grid evolution). If a license is found, it is compiled to resources of library that uses Dapfor’s software.
    1. Trial license. This license enables usage of Dapfor’s product for 30 days since the time of installation. Upon expiration of the trial period Dapfor’s soft should be removed or licensed for future use.

    2. If the license is purchased, it should be installed to computer where the product is compiled. A license consists of description and activation key. The Dapfor's installation package includes a License Installer for correct license instalation. It is also possible to install the license manually by creating two system registry keys with license and the activation key.

Licenses needed for compilation and software operation are required only for computers of developers that are used for final product compilation. In distribution of final product it is sufficient to copy the Dapfor.Net.dll assembly to final package. Installation of Dapfor’s products or licenses to end user computers is not required. Read more about deployment

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