Dapfor has been established in 2007 by professionals with extensive experience in financial field, specifically in development of high-performance trading systems.

Developers of trading systems often face lack of the key element of such systems – high performance grid. Optimization of existing solutions yields unsatisfactory results in terms of both performance and API. Dapfor has been established to fill this gap. It specializes on development of real-time thread-safe grids. Dapfor components have been created on the basis of deep practical experience of using such components in trading systems. Today Dapfor is a definite leader at the market of such components.

Dapfor solutions are already used by several dozens of small and large companies working in financial industry. Many other companies are either planning or already performing migration of their applications to specialized grids offered by Dapfor.

Dapfor solutions include grids with highest performance and comprehensive application debugging tools that enable developers to better understand their work from inside.

How Dapfor products differ from competitor products:

  • High performance. It means not just performance of adding data that is approximately the same for all grids and rendering data that change in real time. Dapfor's grid is designed for processing huge volumes of information and it can process many times more information than competitor products.

  • Thread safety. Upon receiving notifications from INotifyPropertyChanged and IBindingList, the grid performs thread synchronization and safely displays data separating business model from presentation both on functional and multi-threading level. This means that data sources can be safely bound to the grid disregarding thread they use.

  • Trading-related features (such as cell highlighting for specified amount of time, semi-transparent selection preserving row and cell background, etc) significantly simplifying code and reducing development time.

  • Unlike competitor grids that are mainly intended for working with static data, Dapfor’s grid provides high performance services for automated sorting, filtering, regrouping and highlighting of dynamic data.

  • Expanded data binding features that enable simultaneous connection of the grid to multiple data sources, building various hierarchies, binding to data sources on grid and row level.

  • Simultaneous work with bound and unbound data of different types.

  • The grid provides unique means of working with composite objects enabling programmers to avoid creation of intermediate classes that copy properties of one or many business objects.

  • The grid has a unique feature for building hierarchies with hierarchical fields. This convenient tool enables significant reduction of code volume and makes the application simpler. It also enables use of hierarchical binding with IBindingList.

  • Powerful conditional binding enables the programmer to customize data binding, build any hierarchy or skip whole hierarchical levels while connection to data sources.

  • The grid is a component that can work as treelist with a single header or have multiple independent headers. This simplifies application development without forcing the programmer to modify components upon adding new features or changing data presentation hierarchy.

  • To simplify deployment, all Dapfor components are stored in a single DLL that contains almost no images and therefore it 1 Mb size is reduced even more.

  • Support of runtime application debugging, support of inspecting entire application business logic and modification of business object values without reloading application and stopping it for breakpoints in IDE.

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Dapfor provides free support for all products and will be glad to get any feedback or suggestions that will help to improve existing and future products. Dapfor doesn’t charge royalty fees for use of its components in applications. Let’s create the best applications together!