All Dapfor products can be freely downloaded from our website. Dapfor developers continuously release updates and new product versions. You can find lists of all modifications in each product version here.

By downloading and using Dapfor products you accept terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

Downloaded packages are distributed as self-extractable 'exe' files. During installation you'll be asked to accept terms and conditions of the License Agreement and to choose destination for the extracted files. By default the files are extracted to C:\Program Files\Dapfor\WpfSuite_v<version>\.

Dapfor Wpf package installer

The installer creates the following folders:

  • Bin - contains product assemblies and xml documentation.
  • Help - help files in CHM and MSDN formats
  • LicenseInstaller - a small utility for installing purchased license to developer's computer
  • Samples - a folder with sample source codes.

Once the package is installed, GridControl can be adder to a project.

Add a reference to Dapfor.Wpf.dll

The assembly Dapfor.Wpf.dll is usually can be found in GAC or in C:\Program Files\Dapfor\WpfSuite_v<version>\Bin\4.0\ folder.

Select Dapfor.Wpf.dll

Assembly controls become available when an assembly is referenced. These controls can be found on Toolbox panel in VisualStudio.

Toolbox with Dapfor components

Read more about 30-day trial period, License installation and Deployment

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