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CHeaderConfigurationDlg Class Reference

Handles visibility and location of columns in the header. More...

#include <Dapfor/GUI/HeaderConfigurationDlg.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CHeaderConfigurationDlg (CHeader &header, CWnd *pParent=NULL)
virtual ~CHeaderConfigurationDlg ()
virtual DF_DOMODAL_TYPE DoModal ()
 Configures the header in a modal window.

Detailed Description

Handles visibility and location of columns in the header.

It is intended for handling columns visibility and location in the grid using a dialog. The class can be used to replace columns, to display or withdraw them. As a parameter of the constructor, the class accepts an object of CHeader class into which then all changes are made in the case when the user confirms his choice pressing the button OK. If the header transferred into the constructor is used by the grid, the grid automatically updates its contents depending on the new values set in the header.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CHeaderConfigurationDlg ( CHeader header,
CWnd *  pParent = NULL 


[in] header Header to be configured
[in] pParent The parent window.

Member Function Documentation

DF_DOMODAL_TYPE DoModal (  )  [virtual]

Configures the header in a modal window.

Value, indicating the result of an operation. IDOK - User pressed 'Ok' button, IDCANCEL - 'Cancel' button. The return value is -1 if the function could not create a dialog box.