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CHeaderPaintFormat Class Reference

Default implementation of IHeaderPaintFormat interface. More...

#include <Dapfor/GUI/HeaderPaintFormat.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CHeaderPaintFormat ()
 ~CHeaderPaintFormat ()
virtual void DrawHeader (CHeaderPaintInfo &paintInfo, const CPaintContext &paintContext, UINT paintFilter, ICustomDraw *customDraw) const
 Draws a header in CGrid.

Detailed Description

Default implementation of IHeaderPaintFormat interface.

Version: Initial version

Member Function Documentation

void DrawHeader ( CHeaderPaintInfo paintInfo,
const CPaintContext paintContext,
UINT  paintFilter,
ICustomDraw customDraw 
) const [virtual]

Draws a header in CGrid.

[in] paintInfo Header-related painting info.
[in] paintContext General information like device context, reference to CGrid, header, etc...
[in] paintFilter Set of painting operations, defined in PaintFilter enumeration.
[in] customDraw Pointer to ICustomDraw interface, that can be called to process columns painting.

Implements IHeaderPaintFormat.